What you need to know about recycling, recycling tips, and the latest smartphone recycling

In 2014, the US launched the Global Recycling Coalition, a group of governments and companies committed to reducing waste in their respective countries.The coalition has been working hard to promote recycling and the use of technology to reduce waste.They’ve made significant strides with smart phone recycling in their first few years, and now have a global platform to promote a […]

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What To Do When You’re Out of Your Home and Need a Bottle of Water for Your Home

The city of Seattle has launched a pilot program that will allow people to recycle bottles of water at its recycling centers, and the city’s recyclers say they’re seeing an increase in donations of bottled water.“We’ve had a lot of people email us saying that the water they’re donating has been in their homes for two weeks,” said Kristin Laughlin, […]

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