When a river is recycled: Why we should recycle it

RIVERSIDE, Calif.— In a new video by a California nonprofit, an architect says the city should be recycling rivers.The video, titled “Water and Waterways: The Architecture of Recycling,” explores how cities can use rivers to reclaim water and restore watersheds, riverside recycling and urban parks.“What if we were to look at a river as a source of nutrients, a source […]

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What To Do When You’re Out of Your Home and Need a Bottle of Water for Your Home

The city of Seattle has launched a pilot program that will allow people to recycle bottles of water at its recycling centers, and the city’s recyclers say they’re seeing an increase in donations of bottled water.“We’ve had a lot of people email us saying that the water they’re donating has been in their homes for two weeks,” said Kristin Laughlin, […]

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