What’s next for Austin’s recycling center?

An Austin recycling center has seen a lot of activity since it was founded in 2018, with more than a dozen new recycling sites and an array of recyclable products being sold and delivered.A few years ago, there were just three locations.Now, there are more than 40 in the city, including at the city’s two new recycling centers, one of […]

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Bottle recycling center to open in Ann Arbor

The Bottle Recycling Center in Ann Rapids, Mich., is poised to open next month.Owner Bill Zellner says the facility will recycle the majority of its bottles in the city.It will also be able to help recycle the artworks on display, and also donate those items to local arts organizations.We want to be able and to make sure that our customers […]

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How to get rid of trash from your house in South Africa

South Africa has been cracking down on plastic bags and other rubbish.It has been ordered to take away up to 500 tonnes of plastic waste from its cities.The country is one of the worst offenders when it comes to plastic waste and has a major plastic recycling problem.Plastic bags and rubbish can be found everywhere, but South Africa’s recycling facilities […]

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