How to Get Rid of Your Electronics and Other Electronics Articles by Jennifer Hahnke, Staff

Apple has a program for recycling products like laptops and smartphones that are out of service and also for paying customers who want to make repairs.Apple has also set up a “light bulb recycler” to help customers find items that are no longer needed.The program also includes a special program for Apple products that are currently being used to help […]

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How to get your recycling from waste to recycling

You can recycle almost anything: your shoes, your shoeshine, clothes, your clothes, the plastic in your plastic bottle.If you’re using a car or truck, you can recycle a whole bunch of them.You can also get your waste to a recycling center.If it’s not a garbage bag, you could still use your car, but you could also reuse the plastic bag.The […]

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How to recycle your Apple iPhone 7 using Apple’s COVID-19 vaccine

How to reuse your iPhone 7 by using AppleCare Plus.How to keep your iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus charged when you return them to Apple.How you can protect your iPhone from getting damaged by your children while you’re away.How much you should spend on new phone batteries.How to avoid potential damages from your Apple phone if it ever breaks.How […]

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