Why recycling is so much better than recycling paper

The world is getting used to the idea that recycling is more efficient and effective than traditional paper, says the chief executive of one of the world’s largest recycling companies.Recycling paper is a big part of the way you can recycle more of your materials, writes Ben Smith in The Guardian.He cites the rise in the recycling rate and the […]

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How to get rid of trash without having to go to a landfill

LOCHESTER, Minn.(Reuters) – If you can’t wait for your trash to be incinerated, the recycling center at the Loveland Recycling Center in Minnesota may be the best place to dispose of the waste you don’t need.The facility uses composting and composting-like methods to recycle the trash that goes to landfills.Recyclers use a computer to match and recycle the items.The composting […]

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