What you need to know about recycling, recycling tips, and the latest smartphone recycling

In 2014, the US launched the Global Recycling Coalition, a group of governments and companies committed to reducing waste in their respective countries.The coalition has been working hard to promote recycling and the use of technology to reduce waste.They’ve made significant strides with smart phone recycling in their first few years, and now have a global platform to promote a […]

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How to get your trash out of a trash can

One of the biggest things that we are seeing in the recycling business is people using reusable containers.And one of the most exciting innovations we are going to see is that there are actually a lot of recycling centers out there that have made the switch from traditional plastic containers to reusable containers in the last year.And we are excited […]

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What is the recycling business?

The recycling industry, as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is a growing industry in the United States.And the growth in the U-Haul industry is a testament to that.In fact, the number of U-haul truck drivers has exploded in the last two decades, as U-haul companies have been allowed to offer their vehicles for sale.Now, the UHaul trucking […]

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Calgary recycling program: ‘I’d like to see them recycle everything’

Calgary, Alberta – A new recycling program in Calgary is promising to help people recycle their iPhones, iPads and laptops without having to deal with any more paperwork.Calgary’s iPhone recycling program was unveiled Monday, and it promises to save customers money and improve the environment.The city has the most smartphone recycling programs in the country, and the new program is […]

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