How to recycle your garbage

A lot of trash gets thrown away and is recycled.But not all of it.That’s why we want to find out which items are recyclables and which aren’t.So we created a survey.We asked people in Hennepin County, Minnesota, which is the state with the most trash, what they wanted to recycle.And the results are fascinating.The recycling industry says the most popular […]

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Apple recycling program helps glass recycler get better recycling

The state’s recycling program, Apple Recycling Program, helps glass-recycling programs nationwide.The program is designed to give glass recycators better incentives for getting recycled glass.Glass recycling is a lucrative industry.In 2016, the U.S. Glass Recycler Association reported that glass was one of the fastest growing recyclables in the country, and it had a record breaking 2016 with $1.8 billion in revenue.In […]

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