Why Chicago electronics recycling program is the most effective way to recycle Christmas lights

Chicago, Illinois, Dec. 15, 2018 — It’s not the first time the Chicago Blackhawks have put an end to the tradition of recycling Christmas lights.Since 2006, the team has recycled over 200,000 lights, many of them used in the team’s home arena.The lights have been sold at auction, and the Blackhawks have also donated them to local organizations.Now, the Blackhawks […]

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How to recycle your Apple iPhone 7 using Apple’s COVID-19 vaccine

How to reuse your iPhone 7 by using AppleCare Plus.How to keep your iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus charged when you return them to Apple.How you can protect your iPhone from getting damaged by your children while you’re away.How much you should spend on new phone batteries.How to avoid potential damages from your Apple phone if it ever breaks.How […]

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