How to build a recycling-friendly car that doesn’t require a $200,000 supercar to get around (and still looks good on the road)

When you think of the future of the automobile, it’s easy to picture an electric, hybrid, and all-electric hybrid.And in the future, we might also see a new hybrid car called the Nissan Leaf.The idea is that a car that can drive itself, but only takes up so much space as it’s designed to.In other words, the Leaf’s batteries could […]

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How to recycle car parts and tires

When you’re buying new or used cars, you probably don’t want to spend a fortune on a car body.You might also be tempted to put your new vehicle through the car recycling process.The car recycler does this for you.Here’s how to get your car parts back, and how to avoid the hassle of paying high fees.How to get car parts […]

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