How you can help keep the water you drink safe – ABC News

A bucket of water for your washing machine can be an essential tool for your water bottle collection.But it could also save your life.Water bottles and other water-bottle-related items can be recycled for about $50, with the money going into the local community’s water supply.Topics:environment,watershed-design,water,harbour-macquarie-2300,vic,australiaContact Peter BoultonMore stories from Victoria

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What’s in your recycling basket?

A lot of stuff.It’s an easy way to get your recyclables out of the landfill.That’s because the American recycling industry has long relied on a single supplier: the largest retailer of paper, cardboard and cardboard boxes, Lowe’s.The company’s products are shipped from factories in California, Texas and Ohio.The boxes, boxes and more boxes, then, are shipped to low-wage workers in […]

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