The ‘Newell’ Recycling Center to Bring Out the Best in Bloomington’s Trash

BLOOMINGTON, Ind.— A new recycler in Blooming-ton, Indiana, is looking to make recycling look good.Newell’s Recycler is located at 514 W. State St. in Bloomingdale.It’s a small, white metal recycling bin with a big red “N.”The bin has an old-school look, with a bright red LED light shining in the corner.“We want to bring the recycler back to its glory […]

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What is the recycling business?

The recycling industry, as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is a growing industry in the United States.And the growth in the U-Haul industry is a testament to that.In fact, the number of U-haul truck drivers has exploded in the last two decades, as U-haul companies have been allowed to offer their vehicles for sale.Now, the UHaul trucking […]

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