Minnesota is known for its recycling efforts, but the state has also recently become one of the most polluted in the country.

With more than 5,000 tons of plastic and other recyclables thrown away annually, Minnesota is often compared to other big cities in the United States, like Chicago and New York.

The Rumpkke Recycle Center, however, has been credited with helping bring the waste problem under control.

The Rumpkel Center was established in 2010 to recycle plastic and recyclable materials that are used in many industries.

The center is located at the corner of Highway 99 and Highway 55 near St. Cloud, Minnesota.

The site is surrounded by lakes and other natural areas.

The centre has a parking lot, which also houses a small processing plant.

Rumpke also recycles the old, discarded metal recycling bins at its own facility in St. Paul, Minnesota, where the facility also processes recyclible materials.

According to a 2015 study by the Environmental Defense Fund, Minnesota ranks seventh in the nation in plastic and waste recycling.

The waste at the Rompkel Recycled Recyclables Center is recycled into various products, including vinyl and aluminum.

The products are sold in stores, such as Walmart, and in the Rumpskke’s online store.

Rompke’s website states that it is also “responsible for recycling the excess plastic, glass, metal, and other solid waste from Minnesota’s lakes and rivers.”

The recycling facility has also created a program to help residents of St. Croix County get their recycling bins recycled.

The facility also collects waste that is sent to a local landfill and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, which will dispose of it.

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