Green recycling has come a long way since the 1980s, but some areas are still struggling with its success. 

The following tips can help.


Take it easy: Don’t be afraid to put out a fire when you get a green recycling notice, especially if it’s a small recycling bin. 


Check your bins: When you receive a green collection notice, make sure the bin is labeled with a date and the address. 


Put out a large bin: The bigger the bin, the better the recycling.


Don’t throw away: The trash can can can be a good place to throw away the recycling, but it also is a place where the plastic can become brittle and can break.


Save the bins for the future: If you plan to throw out the plastic bins for a while, take the time to put them in the ground, close them up, and then place them in a secure place in the next area.

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