By Simon JonesThe Christmas lights are getting better and the electronics recycling industry is booming, with a record number of Christmas lights being recycled in 2016.

The figures released by the Australian recycling and technology industry show that Christmas lights have been recycled more than double the number of other consumer electronics, including smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles.

The Christmas season is the perfect time to recycle as many electronic devices as possible, said Simon Jones, managing director of Australian Recycling and Technology.

“The Christmas market is a big season and we are seeing an increase in recycling activity around Christmas,” he said.

“As people are making the move from holiday gifts to Christmas presents, the opportunity to recycle more and more electronics is there.”

It’s not just about turning lights out for a night out, but about making the transition from one holiday to the next.

“I think the industry is very well organised and well supported to recycle the right number of products and to help the environment.”

Jones said there was also an increasing interest from the industry in using recycled products in other products such as medical devices and solar panels.

“Christmas is the best time to make use of recycled electronics, as the Christmas market in Australia is very much on the increase,” he added.

“There are a lot of Christmas gifts coming in from the US, Europe and Japan, and that’s why it’s important that we have enough Christmas lights to last the year.”

The trend was highlighted by an increased use of electronic parts for appliances, including washing machines and washing machines with washing cycle technology.

“People are coming back into the market as they have the chance to purchase things that are recycled from the factory,” Jones said.

Mr Jones said the number one priority for Christmas is to make sure the industry had a robust supply of products to use.

“We need a long-term plan and we’re looking to get more and better equipment,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“With the increased demand for recycling, that is where we need to focus.”

This is an opportunity for the industry to increase the supply of materials, but also the quality of products.

“Christmas lights are becoming more commonThis is a great time to get your holiday lights out and on.

Christmas is a good time to start your Christmas shopping.

Check out our top tips to make your Christmas lights shine.

Read moreThe National Recyclers’ Union (NRRU) has also reported a record jump in the number and recycling of Christmas light products.”

While the numbers of Christmas lighting products purchased in 2016 remained fairly stable, the volume of items being recycled for recycling in 2017 increased significantly compared to the previous year,” the organisation said in a statement.”

More than 1,100 tonnes of Christmas lamps, lamps, and LED lights were sold in the month of December.

“The NRRU said there were a number of ways that Christmas lighting was being recycled.”

Some Christmas lighting is recycled as paper, but we also see a growing number of recycled LED lights and solar lamps, which is great for the environment and for local communities,” it said.

Christmas lights used for holiday decorations are also being recycled, although the majority of recycled materials are being used for industrial purposes.

The NAAU said it was encouraging companies to consider recycling Christmas lights in the same way they recycle other items.”

In a way, it’s a recycling holiday,” said NAAG President Ian Wightman.”

You have a product that has been manufactured and sold, and it’s got a story behind it, so if you can tell the story of that product and show it off, that’s a really good marketing tool.

“Christmas light products and technology recycledChristmas lights can be purchased at most major retailers.

The number of LED lights sold in Australia was up from 1,600 in 2015 to 1,700 last year.

Read the latest recycling news on the ABC News website.

Christmas Light: Tips for a happy ChristmasThe National Association of Reuse Companies (NARRC) has published a guide to the best ways to recycle Christmas lights.”

When it comes to Christmas lighting, there are a number things you can do to make the most of it,” said chief executive Peter Copley.”

To start, there’s a great deal of material that you can reuse, which includes the bulbs, the lights and the reflective glass, which can also be recycled.

But there’s also a great amount of material you can recycle as paper.

“The guide advises that you should avoid cutting, bending or cutting-through the wrapping paper.”

Instead of cutting the wrapping, use the edges to pull it out and make a circle,” it advises.

The guide also advises not to use the light with plastic wrap or paper that has not been dried.”

Avoid wrapping it in plastic wrap, as that may cause damage to the light,” it says.


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