New York has set recycling standards that are a step above other US cities, but the rules may be too stringent for some New Yorkers.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been in office for five years and has overseen the city’s massive $3.5bn plan to overhaul the recycling industry.

The city has recently adopted a set of recycling rules that were designed to reduce the amount of plastic in our trash and encourage reuse.

Under the new rules, every household in the city must receive a recycling bin in the mail at least once a week.

If a bin isn’t in the household’s immediate vicinity, it must be picked up by an employee or employee of a local recycling centre.

Residents are also encouraged to recycle at home, and the city has partnered with local recycling centres to create a “recycling zone” where residents can drop off and pick up their trash.

But according to the New Yorker, there is a catch.

According to the mayor, the city requires all residents to get rid of at least one-third of their trash by the end of 2020.

For residents who live in the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn, there are three recycling zones that can only be used by residents who are residents of the areas.

In Brooklyn, the trash must be recycled in two zones.

The first zone is the same size as the other two boroughs, with a recycling rate of 25% for garbage and 10% for recycling.

That zone is used for trash that is picked up from the borough’s community centers.

There are also three recycling sites in Brooklyn, one in the East Village and one in Astoria.

And while residents are not required to recycle their own trash, they can collect recyclables from the recycling centres.

However, residents in the Bronx can only collect recycles from the community recycling centres, which will take about 40% of the total collected.

It is unclear how much recycling the city is actually doing, since the city did not make any statistics available.

Some cities have also set recycling quotas for certain areas.

According to the Washington Post, some communities in New York City require that residents collect up to 25% of their household’s garbage by the start of 2020, while the Los Angeles city government requires that residents recycle up to 30% of household waste.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for New York Mayor Bill De Blasio told CNN that the city had not made any progress on the trash collection quotas, since they are not enforced.

“The trash collection system has proven to be very successful,” said the spokesperson.

“And we will continue to work to make sure that the system works as intended.”

According the New Yorkers recycling standards, recycling is only allowed once a month, unless there is an emergency.

New Yorkers are also limited to two weeks of weekly free recycling.

So while New Yorkers may be able to recycle more often, they will not be able recycle the same amount of recyclable materials as other New Yorkers, and will have to get a new bin each time they use it.

Although New Yorkers have a better deal than residents of other US states, some New York residents may not feel the same urgency to get their recyclible rubbish out of the house. 

 “There are lots of things that we’re not doing,” one New Yorker told the NY Post.

“So you get the feeling that the whole city is going to have to be completely revamped, and I think that’s kind of sad.

I think it’s really sad.”

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