Apple has a program for recycling products like laptops and smartphones that are out of service and also for paying customers who want to make repairs.

Apple has also set up a “light bulb recycler” to help customers find items that are no longer needed.

The program also includes a special program for Apple products that are currently being used to help keep Apple products running smoothly.

“If you don’t need to replace your smartphone right now, then it is important to get that light bulb and recycle it,” said Jessica DeRosa, an associate with the Light Bulb Recycling Program.

Apple said in a statement that “our customer service teams work closely with our suppliers and suppliers partners to find the best way to dispose of items.”

“We’ve found that recycling is one of the quickest and easiest ways to help people keep their electronics and other electronics going,” said Mark Pimentel, an Apple spokeswoman.

Apple is using its own “lightbulb recycler,” named LightBolt Recycler, to help locate items that need to be recycled.

The company has also added a “green-light” feature to the program that allows users to call an Apple customer service representative, receive a service call and then pick up their recyclable items at a local Apple Store.

Apple said it has a similar program for refurbished laptops.

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