Posted September 07, 2018 06:01:47 I was thrilled to see an actual recycling bin on the corner of my street this week.

It was not a big deal, I was just so excited about the idea that it was happening at all.

Reynolds was kind enough to put me in touch with its recycling team and I had my first look at the bin.

It was huge, the biggest bin I had ever seen.

The bins are being installed at the site of the new recycling centre in Wynnum, in south-east Queensland, and the bins are already full.

This is a new facility, but it’s been built on top of an old one and the two bins will be separated.

It’s a small change to a long-standing policy of the Queensland government that says that recycling should be done at the landfill, but the new bins are much bigger than any landfill, and can be opened up to allow the recycling to take place directly to the community.

Reynold, the company that runs the Wynnum recycling centre, says that it will accept rubbish that is returned to the site and that people can pick up the recyclables at the recycling site.

The recycling site is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

I hope to be able to visit the Wynns recycling site and use my bin, and I hope that the city of Wynnum will encourage the reuse of waste and make it more efficient and accessible for the community, and also make sure that people are not left without bins.

Follow the ABC’s recycling policy story at the ABC News website.

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