A new company, aluminum recycling company Granger, wants to help customers reuse and recycle their metal parts by putting them in a metal-recycling recycling bin.

And they’re not the only ones. 

The company announced today that it’s acquiring an unnamed metals recycler, which will now have the option to donate the metals it recycles to the company’s “Aluminum Recycling Service.”

The service, which has been in the works for a while, will donate the aluminum from its aluminum bins to the Granger company, and will use the aluminum to make its aluminum-recyclables.

“We believe that a strong recycling culture is in everyone’s best interest,” Granger CEO and cofounder Jason Miller said in a statement.

“We are committed to ensuring that aluminum is reused as much as possible, and this acquisition gives us the opportunity to help the world reuse and reuse responsibly.”

Miller added that the service will “serve as a catalyst for the rapid uptake of aluminum in new applications.”

The company also said it will be donating its remaining aluminum bins and aluminum processing facilities to local organizations, such as the nonprofit Center for Sustainable Communities. 

As with other recyclable technologies, the company will use aluminum to recycle the metal.

But Granger says that the metal won’t be a waste product.

“As a recycling company, we can’t produce aluminum and turn it into other things,” Miller said.

“But as an additive in the manufacture of aluminum products, we have the potential to create other metals that are more environmentally friendly.”

The technology is being developed in partnership with industrial metal recycler Mavco. 

Miller said the company also plans to expand its aluminum recycling service into other areas of the world.

“At Granger we believe that it is important to provide solutions to the problems of aluminum recycling that are out of reach for many communities, such the developing world, and to help them recover and reuse metals from their waste,” he said.

“Our mission is to help people and organizations recover metals that will contribute to a sustainable future.”

The company also announced that it will open up its aluminum production to the public in the next six months.

The company says it will provide its customers with free, low-cost recycling services, as well as support local organizations and individuals in their recycling efforts.

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