A lot of people use recycled images on their water bill to save money, but the pictures are often not clean enough.

A few years ago, a team of researchers from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore (IISB) was looking into the use of water-saving images and came across a few issues.

The researchers realised that the images used for water-usage purposes could be used for other things, too.

So, they set up a project to look into the recycling of water images.

They identified more than 50,000 water images in the country, and used them to look for water saving images.

The images were also scanned to identify the water-use image of the best quality, which was used as the basis for the water image quality score.

As per the water quality score, the images that are best for reducing water consumption are those that are free of filth, and those that contain the lowest amount of contaminants.

These results, the researchers say, provide an insight into the potential of using images to save on water usage.

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