The world is getting used to the idea that recycling is more efficient and effective than traditional paper, says the chief executive of one of the world’s largest recycling companies.

Recycling paper is a big part of the way you can recycle more of your materials, writes Ben Smith in The Guardian.

He cites the rise in the recycling rate and the need for more paper.

There’s no doubt that paper is good for the environment.

But, in many ways, paper is much less efficient.

In fact, the paper industry spends a staggering amount of money on paper, writes Smith.

The waste that paper produces is much smaller than the waste that you’re trying to recycle, he says.

“It’s the recycling industry’s greatest asset.”

The paper industry is not just about the paper it produces.

It’s also about the money it makes.

In 2007, the US paper industry spent $12.6 billion, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

About half of that went towards recycling paper.

So, a paper mill that’s using paper to make the products it uses has to make up the difference.

It has to charge consumers more to recycle it, and it has to pay more to use recycled paper.

That’s because there’s an implicit price tag associated with paper.

But Smith argues that we don’t need to pay much more.

“We’re not making money from paper.

We’re making money on the paper itself.”

Recycled paper isn’t all that expensive The recycling rate in Australia is at 70 per cent.

Recycle Australia estimates that recycled paper can be worth between $500 and $1,000 per tonne.

But the price of paper in the US is about $9.60 per ton, according the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Smith argues, however, that this is not true in other countries.

Recrycling in New Zealand is at 80 per cent, he points out.

And that’s where the real price comes in. “

But that household doesn’t have the resources to recycle.”

And that’s where the real price comes in.

It means that people are forced to recycle more paper, which leads to more pollution and higher prices.

“I’d say that’s an enormous waste,” says Smith.

“That’s the reason why paper is so cheap.

And I think it’s the big reason why the world is falling behind.”

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