IRISH REPUBLIC’S recycling policy is being changed to allow the Irish State to spend more money on recycling than other countries in Europe, according to the report published by the European Commission.

The report, which is being released today, warns that the current system is failing the environment and the environment is failing Ireland.

It also outlines that the system is costing the economy £100 million a year.

The Commission report comes as it emerged the Irish Government is considering the possibility of an overhaul of the recycling system, after the Government spent more than £1 billion on waste management.

It is understood the proposal is for the Irish Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to become the operator of recycling facilities, while the Government would create a central authority to manage and control the waste stream.

It comes as the Government was criticised for spending more than €100 million on waste collection last year, with one poll found that only one in ten people would sign up for a new rubbish collection service if it was funded by the Government.

The commission also revealed that it is considering a scheme to encourage people to recycle by providing them with a €5 voucher for recycling, which could be used for a variety of products.

A report commissioned by the Irish Ministry of Agriculture said that recycling rates were at their lowest point in 25 years, and that the cost of waste management was a significant challenge for the country.

The Government has already announced that it will phase out its current collection system, with it now looking to shift to a system that would encourage more people to stop buying things and recycle.

The Irish Times reported in December that the Department of Finance had been told by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform that it could spend as much as €200 million to change the collection process.

The plan is expected to cost the State up to €20 million a month in waste management costs, while there are also fears that the Government could be spending millions more on waste processing infrastructure.

The State has also launched a pilot scheme that will see more than 10,000 rubbish trucks run daily in Dublin, Cork and Galway.

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