The California Department of Resources and Environment announced Tuesday that the state will start offering recycling at its lakeside lakes.

The state will be the first in the country to offer recycling at the lakeside, which is the largest lake in the state and home to over 30 million people, according to the department.

The department will start accepting bids for lake recycling in the first half of 2021, said spokeswoman Julie Boulay.

The lakeside program will help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean and in landfills, she said.

More:Lake’s recycling program is a model for the rest of the country, said Bobbie Pohl, a conservation and land-use planner for the California Department for Resources and Environmental Protection.

She said the lakes are home to a diverse community of people, including children, retirees and workers who can benefit from the program.

“It’s important to make sure they are able to recycle at home, and I think that’s one of the things we’ve learned from this,” she said about the program’s success.

“It’s not just about just picking up the plastic, but also making sure they can recycle.”

California is also looking to partner with a handful of states to allow the recycling of the plastics that are found in lakes, Pohl said.

California has already started to accept recycling for lakeside bins, including for water bottles and reusable grocery bags.

The state will offer more plastic bins for water bottle collectors in the next few months, she added.

The first Lakeland recycling facility will open in 2021, and the state plans to expand its program to other locations.

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