MARYLAND – Cleaning up the mess after a flood destroyed more than 300 homes and businesses in northern Maryland is getting underway.

Cleanup crews are clearing out homes and other businesses in the city of Burbank as the cleanup efforts continue.

The cleanup began Wednesday morning as crews cleared debris from flooded homes and damaged businesses in Burbanks western suburb of Silver Spring.

Burbank Mayor Scott Pappas said officials expect to begin the process of removing debris from businesses in and around the city by Thursday afternoon.

Pappans spokesman said some businesses are also expected to be able to reopen by Friday morning.

“It’s a very challenging time, but it’s not going to be that long,” Pappac said.

Pappas told WJZ-TV that crews are also working to clear debris from homes, but that crews will only be allowed to clear one block at a time.

“That’s going to take a little bit of time,” Poppas said.

“You can still get into a lot of homes, and then you’re going to have to get into lots of other properties that are still under water,” he said.

Residents in Burgans western suburbs of Silver Springs and Silver Spring were allowed back into their homes late Wednesday night, with Pappacs office saying it was because some homes had flooded.

“I think that was because of the water level,” Pops said.

A flood warning was issued for the entire area, including parts of Burdock, Burbats western suburbs and Silver Springs.

“We are working to get all impacted areas back to normal as soon as possible,” Pompas said Wednesday.

Residents living in the Burbans western suburbs of Silver, Silver Spring and Burbanking were told to evacuate the area.

Burgans officials said the town was under mandatory evacuation orders because of flood waters and mudslides, but Pappass said he did not know if the town will have to be declared an emergency by Wednesday evening.

Residents are allowed back in their homes Wednesday night after crews cleared out debris from the flooded homes.

The Burbanskas northern suburbs were under mandatory evacuations because of flooding, but residents are allowed to return to their homes, with residents still being told to stay in their basements, according to Pappasses office.

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