We’ve seen lots of recycled bags in the news lately, but they’ve mostly been of the cheap and disposable variety.

If you’re looking for something a little more durable, then a bag made of paper or plastic might be right up your alley.

Here are 10 ways to recycle a recycling bin.


Reuse the paper bag: This recycling option uses cardboard instead of paper, but the plastic bags still retain a paper smell.

If that’s not your thing, you can always reuse the plastic bag instead.

A recycler can also use a paper bag to make reusable food bags, but it will also keep the plastic smell.


Reusable paper: Paper is reusable, but plastic can be too.

Just be careful to make sure you keep all the paper bags you use out of the landfill.


Recycle the plastic bottle: A plastic bottle can be a big source of plastic pollution.

A plastic bag that you use to store recyclable items can be recycled.


Reusing a plastic bag: You can reuse plastic bags for many different things, like food waste, paper, or even to make toilet paper.

Plastic bags can also be recycled into a reusable bottle, which is a great way to save money on toilet paper when you don’t need it. 5.

Re-use a recycled plastic container: Plastic containers can also save you money on waste.

Plastic containers like the one pictured above can be re-used as paper, too.


Reutilizing a paper recycling bag: Paper bags have been recyclably made since the 1970s, but we’ve seen a huge uptick in recycling plastic bags in recent years.

You can use paper bags to make recyclables like paper, card stock, or any other useful item, like a recycling label.


Reorganizing a plastic bottle bag: Recycling paper and plastic bottles can save you time and money.

Paper bottles can be reused as toilet paper, paper towels, or plastic bags, so if you have a bottle that you’d like to reuse, this is a good option.


Reused paper: This reusable paper bag will also work as a paper roll.

It’s a great option for packing up a bunch of paper and using it to make paper goods like a label, stickers, or stamps.


Reverting a plastic recycling bag to a paper bin: If you recycle plastic bags to create reusable items like paper and paper products, this paper bag is a perfect way to do that.


Recycling paper or paper bags: You could also recycle paper into a plastic plastic bottle, but this method is a bit more complicated.

You’d have to separate the plastic from the paper before you could bottle it, and you’d have the plastic in a different container to reuse.

Learn more about recycled paper and recycled plastic bags.

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