Google News Canada has a collection of articles that provide information on recycling, which is often one of the few ways to help the environment.

It is worth reading the whole article, but here are a few things to keep in mind.1.

All recyclables are recyclable.2.

You don’t have to recycle all your household items.3.

All materials are recycled.4.

All household materials can be recycled.5.

All reusable items can be reused.6.

There are no restrictions on how much you can recycle.7.

Household recycling is encouraged.8.

All households can recycle their recycling.9.

All plastic items can come in recycled containers.10.

Household recyclers have free recycling bins for recycling.11.

Household recycle bins are available for free on a first-come, first-serve basis.12.

Recycling containers must be in a plastic bag.13.

Household items are only recycled if they are reusable.14.

Recycle your plastic and plastic bag at least once a week.15.

Recalled items are not allowed back into the household.16.

If you have a household recycler, you can use it for household recycling.17.

Recalcitrant recycler rules are enforced.18.

Household containers cannot be reused for recycling purposes.19.

Household garbage is not allowed into the recycling bin.20.

Household waste can be collected at a collection site.21.

Households recycling is not mandatory.22.

Recallable items are allowed in your recycling bin if they come from a previous collection.23.

Recalls are required for all household items in the recycling program.24.

Recalling items must be from a recycler.25.

Recreational vehicles are not permitted into the program.26.

Recorders are required to use recycled paper, metal, and plastic.27.

Household Recyclers are required by law to report any recycling problems.28.

Recurrent recyclery is prohibited.29.

Household plastic recyclists are required at all times to keep a record of their recyclation operations.30.

Household disposable bags are required.31.

Household trash is not recyclible.32.

Recurring recyclics are not eligible for recycling programs.33.

Recertification is required for household recyclicers.34.

Household litter is not recycled.35.

Household pets must be properly licensed and vaccinated before entering the program to be recycled or composted.36.

Household dogs must be spayed or neutered before entering.37.

Household cats must be microchipped.38.

Household cat litter is required to be composted at a composting facility.39.

Household animal feces is required at a municipal composting plant.40.

Household dog poop is not composted or composting.41.

Household human excrement is required and must be composting or compost.42.

Household food waste is not required.43.

Household paint is required in certain types of containers.44.

Household paper is required on all new residential structures.45.

Household metal cans are required on new construction.46.

Household compostable waste is required only in buildings built before March 2018.47.

Household glass containers are required in residential construction.48.

Household non-ferrous metals must be recycled at a landfill.49.

Household scrap metal is not accepted.50.

Household wood is not permitted in municipal waste facilities.51.

Household hazardous waste is allowed in municipal facilities only for small amounts.52.

Household aluminum cans are not accepted in municipal compost.53.

Household plastics are not required in municipal buildings.54.

Household solid waste is recycled at the end of the year.55.

Household rubber tires must be cleaned with soap and water before they are used.56.

Household detergent is allowed on new residential construction and in residential buildings.57.

Household bleach is not available in municipal building composting facilities.58.

Household chlorine is not collected at municipal compost plants.59.

Household chemicals are not collected for municipal compost facilities.60.

Household cleaning supplies are not available at municipal facilities.61.

Household laundry detergent and household detergent wipes are not sold at municipal programs.62.

Household hand soap is not sold.63.

Household soap, hand-washing detergent, and hand-sanitizer must be washed with soap.64.

Household toiletries are not recycled at municipal waste centers.65.

Household cleaners are not collectable at municipal systems.66.

Household household cleaning products are not distributed to other households.67.

Household washing machines and shower heads are not included in the program for new residential facilities.68.

Household washable linens are not provided at municipal recycling centers.69.

Household dishwashers are not compostable at composting plants.70.

Household carpeting is not included at compost locations.71.

Household bedding is not part of the recycling programs at municipal sites.72.

Household furniture is not used at municipal service centers

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