Google News article Google has removed the word recycling from its search results, as the company attempts to clarify what it means when it refers to a resource it deems to be “roswelling.”

“There is a word for it that is ‘recycling,’ which is when people recycle,” the company said in a statement to Business Insider.

“There are no ‘recycles’ as a term in the English language, and Google does not define it.”

The company added that it has no plans to change the definition of “recycling,” or remove the term from its homepage.

The company is taking a “wait and see” approach with the word “recycles” for now, the company says.

“While we are taking a wait-and-see approach, we will update this page and post updates on the status of this change,” Google said.

“We do believe that this new definition is the right one for Google to use in this context.

We are looking forward to working with Google to improve this search result and ensure that the ‘roswells’ are relevant to the context in which they are used.”

In the meantime, Google has created a new definition for the term, which includes a link to the Google Webmaster Tools page.

“The term ‘rosetta’ has been used in the past in various contexts, but we believe it is best to define it in this way to help users quickly understand the difference between recyclables and recyclable resources,” the Google team wrote in its statement.

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