The San Diego City Council approved a plan Thursday to create a recycling center that would sell and recycle electronic and electric vehicles, a move critics said would allow electric car makers to sell their cars to a local recycling center.

The Council’s vote came after a year-long public hearing that focused on the potential for the center to help people get their cars out of the city’s trash.

But council members who voted to approve the plan said the center would not be used for recycling, which is prohibited under the city ordinance that the council passed in May.

Instead, the center will sell and distribute recycling materials, including metal and plastic and cardboard, and the center hopes to collect $50,000 in fees from companies that will then sell their vehicles to the center, according to the ordinance.

The plan comes as San Diego has begun selling the first electric vehicles in more than five years, including to local auto dealers.

The city’s plan calls for the sale of 100 electric vehicles a year, which could reach more than 1,000 by 2021, with another 200 vehicles expected to be sold each year.

The plan also calls for more recycling.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said he supports the recycling center’s creation because of its economic potential.

“I’m proud that the city is leading the nation in the recycling of electric vehicles,” he said in a statement.

“San Diego’s recycling program is a tremendous example of the community’s dedication to environmental stewardship and the power of community engagement.”

The council’s vote on the plan came after the council approved a bill that would allow the recycling facility to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It also requires the center’s owner to sell the center for recycling.

The center’s location will be determined by the county’s Office of Solid Waste Management, which has until March 4 to decide whether to approve or reject the plan, which calls for selling the center at least once a month.

The county would also determine how much it will pay the center.

The center’s current owner, Pacific Gas and Electric, owns the San Gabriel facility.

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