The best TV we’ve ever seen is a TV we used to own in our youth.

A time when you could literally pick up the box, throw it on the curb, and watch a TV show.

That’s about to change, as Apple and Amazon have announced a new program called “Crazy TV.”

It’s a way to recycle old TVs and other tech gadgets in a matter of minutes.

And it could make TV technology more affordable, too.

Apple and its partners announced the program on Wednesday at a media event in the company’s San Francisco campus.

“The new Crazy TV program will provide a more affordable way to give back to our friends and loved ones who live on the Internet and are using the Internet to connect to their loved ones, friends and family,” the companies said.

“It’s a program that we are excited to be working on, and we look forward to sharing it with our community in the coming months.”

Crazy TV isn’t the only program to help recycle old TV sets.

A new program from Netflix also aims to help those who live in rural areas.

“Curious to know what it was like to live in a time when TV was a thing of the past?” reads a description on the site.

“What did people do with their TV in those days?

And what would they watch on it?”

In a follow-up article on the program, Netflix explained the program’s goal: “Cute kids love the nostalgia of their TV and want to get their hands on some old stuff to help them celebrate the past with family, friends, and co-workers.

This is the perfect gift to give.”

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