I’ve noticed a steady stream of plastic bags on my way to the dumpster each week.

When I see a bag, I’ll take it back to the store and leave it at the front door, just in case someone comes looking for it.

I also see plastic bags at gas stations and convenience stores.

They can be a little tricky to recycle because of their high density and lack of recyclability.

But the more I try to find them, the more common they become.


Bags: They’re usually filled with plastic bottles, water bottles, and even some small glass containers.

There are a few options for filling plastic bags, but the biggest is a reusable water bottle.

If you have one that’s reusable, you can fill it with water, or you can refill the water bottle with water and leave the bottle at the door.

These bottles also come in various sizes.

The smaller ones are typically 2.5 by 4.5 inches or less.


Bottles: Bottles are pretty common.

You’ll often see them in your fridge or freezer.

Bottle containers have plastic caps, and the plastic is usually plastic-free.

Some bottles can have plastic-encased rims and bottles have plastic rings or tabs.


Water Bottles:Water bottles are often filled with something like soda, lemonade, or some other sweetener.

Sometimes, you’ll find water bottles filled with water or water and sugar.

It can be pretty messy to clean up. 4. 

PVC Bags:PVC bottles are a very common type of plastic bag.

Most PVC bags come in different sizes, ranging from 1.75 to 6.5 inch.

PVC bags are made of a plastic material that’s made from PVC.

Like PVC bags, they’re made to be reused.


Glass Bags(Glass Baskets)Glass baskets are made out of a glass that has been molded into an opening that is wider than the diameter of the glass.

This can help the glass expand and allow it to be recycled.


Rubber BagsRubber bags are similar to plastic bags but instead of plastic, they are made from rubber.

Rubber bags are commonly found in car seats and can be used to help protect the wheels when you’re driving.


Plastic Bags Plastic bags are often made from paper or some sort of plastic.

Plastics are great to recycle.

Many plastic bags can be reused, and if you can find recycled plastic, you could reuse a plastic bag instead of using it.

If you can’t find recycled plastics, consider making your own plastic bags.

You can use a reusable container, or try to make a reusable plastic bag out of recycled paper, cardboard, or other recyclable materials. 

To recycle plastic bags that aren’t recyclables, try making a plastic bucket out of cardboard.

If it’s too small, cut a hole in it and put plastic inside.

This will help you recycle the plastic inside of the plastic bucket.

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