The Environmental Protection Agency’s new rules for oil recycling don’t include a clear ban on the industry.

The EPA says it’s looking for “an effective, uniform approach” for auto companies to recycle their oil.

The agency’s goal is to find a way to avoid “misleading consumers” about the amount of oil they’re getting, the agency said.

Oil companies have been arguing that the rules are unfair to them, and that they should be allowed to collect all the oil from their cars, even if the recycling is voluntary.

The rules are also a win for auto-recycling companies, which said they’ll be able to compete on price with non-recyclers. 

However, there are still a few key elements of the new rules that may need to be addressed before they’re widely implemented.

For starters, the EPA is taking a very long time to come up with the final rule, which means the rules could be in place by the end of 2018.

This may be a good thing for consumers, who may not know about the new rule until they start to see their cars filled with oil.

In order to make sure consumers understand what they’re supposed to do with the oil, the rule says consumers should put the oil in a safe container, remove the cap, and then dispose of the container in a recycling facility.

That’s not easy to do when you’re filling up with oil, so consumers should also be warned that “any material used to collect oil is considered hazardous waste.”

The rules also specify that companies that receive EPA-approved oil recycling materials must notify consumers of the use of the materials and explain that they are “not intended for human consumption, are not for human or animal use, and are not a hazardous waste.

These materials must also be labelled as such.”

In a comment to the rule, the American Petroleum Institute wrote that “we hope that the EPA will take a more holistic approach to oil recycling,” saying “if oil is recycled, then all of its use should be regulated by the EPA.”

The American Petroleum Council, the largest oil company in the country, has also called for the EPA to regulate oil recycling.

But some industry groups, like the American Council for the Environment, have called for more stringent standards for oil companies.

The rule was expected to come out this month, but it’s likely that the final rules won’t be released until next year, or possibly even next year.

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