— In a new video by a California nonprofit, an architect says the city should be recycling rivers.

The video, titled “Water and Waterways: The Architecture of Recycling,” explores how cities can use rivers to reclaim water and restore watersheds, riverside recycling and urban parks.

“What if we were to look at a river as a source of nutrients, a source for water that could be recharged in the future?

How can we turn this river into a source?

It also calls for reconsidering some of the ways rivers have been used. “

We can look at water as a resource, not just a source,” said John W. Fisch, an urban designer and former dean at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of California, Riverside.

It also calls for reconsidering some of the ways rivers have been used.

Riverside’s Riverside River, for example, has become a major waterway for the region.

But the city has said it will stop using it as a water supply in 2020.

Instead, it’s expected to use reclaimed water from nearby Lake Powell as an alternative source of drinking water.

That project is still in its early stages.

The city also plans to install a wastewater treatment plant on the river to clean up wastewater that has seeped into the riverbed and become a hazard for wildlife.

In the meantime, the video says, rivers should be recycled.

And it calls for a shift from the “sink or swim” approach to an “aerosol” approach.

That involves pumping out polluted water from the river, or using it to build parks, sewers and other facilities that would benefit from more natural flows.

As a result, rivers would be transformed from “toxic” to “renewable,” said Mark Schubert, a professor of urban planning at the New School and director of the Sustainable Rivers program at Columbia University.

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