The answer to that question is probably not anytime soon, according to one of the biggest names in auto repair.

After months of being hounded by a variety of media outlets, the auto industry’s main auto repair shop, RepairOne, is finally finally getting back on its feet.

The company has been in a tailspin since a federal lawsuit by the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) forced the company to shutter its business last year.

The NCLC claimed the company failed to adequately inform its customers about the safety of the company’s products and its failure to warn them of potential health risks from its waste and recycling practices.

In the lawsuit, the NCLB said RepairOne had repeatedly failed to provide accurate information to customers about its products and failed to ensure that its employees were properly trained to deal with the hazardous materials in their cars.

The lawsuit also alleged that RepairOne’s failure to provide workers with adequate protective gear, and to adequately train its employees to deal appropriately with hazardous materials, violated federal and state laws.

The lawsuit was dismissed on procedural grounds last month, but the NCLC continues to press the company.

Last week, the Center for Auto Safety sent a letter to the NCI to force the company and its owners to disclose more information about its waste, recycling, and safety practices.

The NCLAC lawsuit is a significant blow to the industry’s reputation as an industry leader, according in part to the auto repair industry’s current reputation as one of America’s safest and most environmentally friendly industries.

RepairOne said in a statement last week that it has received numerous inquiries about its policies and procedures and is reviewing them.

“Our customers expect and deserve that we do everything we can to ensure our products and processes are safe,” the statement said.

“We are committed to making sure that our products meet the highest safety standards.”

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