The recycling plant in El Paso is the only one in the country to take in garbage and recycle it.

The company was founded by Maria Córdoba, who moved to El Paso to study engineering at the University of Texas, Austin, and later began working at a recycling plant.

Today, Cóndoba runs the El Pasos recycling plant with her husband, Luis Códoba, and her brother.

El Pasados recycling facility recycles and disposes of trash, including tires, paper, plastics, cans, glass, metal, and more.

They also take recyclables from private homes.

The plants are part of the city of El Paso’s Waste Management District, which is located on the outskirts of the San Antonio International Airport.

They were established in 1984 and were the first city-owned recycling facility in Texas.

They’ve been serving the city since 2012.

El Paso Mayor Lourdes Arguello said the city’s recycling program provides a positive and affordable alternative to many trash incinerators in the state.

The city started the El Paso recycling program when its residents were in desperate need of something to recycle.

The idea was to do it in El Paso because of its history of the landfill industry, Arguella said.

She said that recycling has always been a local business and has provided the El Pueblo community with jobs.

The El Paso city’s first recycling plant opened in 1996 and is still operating today.

Códdas recycling company started out as a private recycling company.

In 2011, they began to operate in El Pío, a small town about 90 miles southeast of El Salvador, Arteaga said.

Since then, the company has expanded to serve El Paso and the surrounding area.

C&P recycles, recycles plastics, and recycles aluminum.

The recyclable product it uses includes: aluminum cans, cans and bottles, and metal cans, bottles, cans with lids, and plastic bottles.

The products it accepts include plastic bottles, polypropylene containers, and vinyl bottles.

C-L, a recyclers, recycler, and distributor in El Peñío City, serves El Paso, Texas.

The business started out in 2010, and it has grown to about 40 employees.

They are also a supplier to El Salvador.

Cíntas recycles recyclibles and recyclies metal, plastics and recyches scrap metals.

They currently recycle and recycler all kinds of scrap metal, including scrap steel, scrap aluminum, and scrap plastic.

They recycle about 3,000 tons of scrap every year.

El Peño is one of El Público’s largest employers, according to the El Peña Department of Economic Development.

The small town of about 2,000 people is located about 15 miles north of El Salado and 40 miles south of El Pasado.

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