RTE 2NZ New Zealand’s recycling boom could be over, but the country is now using its own recycling machines and cartridges.

The Government has announced it will scrap the old machines and have its own cartridges for the first time in 20 years.

It’s the first step in a programme to end the recycling boom that began in the early 1980s and has now cost the Government more than $400 million.

The move is to stop waste being dumped in landfill.

New Zealand’s biggest company, recycling giant RWE, has now sold all its old recycling equipment, including the old cartridges, for just $80 per tonne, or just $7.50 per carton.

They’re going to be sold to the United States, China, Europe and Japan.

RWE’s head of recycling, Mark Williams, said there would be a huge impact on the economy.

“It’s really about reducing our waste, and we’ve got a big waste problem,” he said.

“This is really important for the economy.”RWE has invested $150 million in its recycling plant and is now the biggest player in the recycling market.

But Mr Williams said the Government was taking a different approach than the previous era.

“They’re using the old systems, which we have to get rid of.”

We’re trying to do something different.

“The recycling industry will be booming in the next decade, he said, but it had to go on as a business.

I think it will take some time, and some things are going to need to change to be sustainable.”

But we’ve had enough experience to know that we’ve come a long way, and this is the next step.

“Mr Williams said he had been working on this plan for more than 20 years, and he expected it would be the biggest challenge of his career.

He said the plan was already working well, with a significant increase in recycling rates.

But Mr Thompson said the industry was already facing major challenges.”

It would be quite naive to think we’ve gone too far.

“There are going on many different initiatives that are being implemented, and that’s all going to have to be addressed in a different way,” he told RTE.

Mr Thompson said while there was a big need for recycling, he was also concerned about the impacts on the environment.

“You’re not going to save a lot of money on your electric bills,” he added.

“The vast majority of the waste we produce, and a lot is from the recycling industry, is going to end up in landfill.”RTE NewsRadio 2NZ: New Zealand Today, Morning Report, The Next Four, Weekend Breakfast Breakfast, The Morning Report with James Pearson, Weekend Lateline, News at Six, Radio New Zealand, Weekend Today, Weekend Edition, RTE Digital, RTA Radio, RTV New Zealand and The Morning News.

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