The Victorian Government is looking at ways to make recycling more efficient and easier for people to do in order to meet growing demand for the products in their households.

Key points:The Government says it is trying to make it easier for Victorians to recycle and recycle more cheaply than it has beenThe Victorian Government says that in order for people with no choice to recycle they must use a recycling businessThey want to encourage the adoption of recycled material by businessesThe Government is now asking businesses and organisations to consider the possibility of providing recycling sites for Victorias people without a place to store their rubbish.

A new study has found that many Victorians who cannot afford to collect their own waste are often unaware of their right to recycling, and many don’t have the knowledge or experience to find out.

In addition, a recent survey by the Government showed that about 50 per cent of Victorians aged 15-24 did not know where to get their own recycling materials.

“There’s no good way of explaining the extent of the problem, but it’s a major one,” Acting Treasurer Nick Xenophon said.

“A lot of Victorias families don’t know where their rubbish is coming from, so there are lots of people who can’t recycle.”‘

We’ve got a problem’The study found that about two-thirds of Victorials did not have a place where they could collect their waste.

It said about half of Victoriaries who did have a recycling space in their home had no idea where to put the waste, and only one-third had a safe way to dispose of the waste.

The Government wants businesses to provide a recycling site that meets the requirements of the Waste Management Act, which requires them to store and recycle rubbish in an approved recycling facility.

“It’s really important that businesses know that their business is an appropriate recycling place, they have a safe recycling policy, they don’t need to have a compost facility and they are not required to dispose or recycle the waste,” Acting Minister of State for Resources and Infrastructure Mark Parnell said.’

The Government needs to get involved’Mr Xenophon says the Government needs more funding to encourage businesses to recycle.

“We’ve heard from businesses and we’ve heard anecdotally from people that they don’st know where they can get their waste, that they haven’t seen the waste they should be getting, that there’s no place that they can put their waste in,” he said.

Mr Parnells response comes after a report commissioned by the Victorian Government found that over two-fifths of Victorial households do not have their own collection and disposal facilities.

“The Government has a big problem and we need to get more involved in the recycling process,” Mr Parnelso said.

A government spokesperson said they would work with businesses to help them implement the recycling policy.

“They need to make sure that they have good recycling management plans, and that they are in compliance with the laws,” they said.

The Victorian Department of Primary Industries has launched a new program that encourages businesses to collect, store and reuse their waste and to recycle in an environmentally sound way.

The State Government says the program will make recycling a viable option for households and businesses.

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