A new survey by recycling company Valley Recycling reveals that recycling is a growing issue in the region, especially in the Los Angeles basin.

The survey found that a majority of Southern California residents (65%) said they do not recycle, and an overwhelming majority (80%) said recycling is too expensive.

In fact, according to the survey, only 13% of Southern Californians recycle at least once a year.

That’s an increase of over 200% from the previous survey, in which only 8% of residents recycled at least twice a year, according the Los Angles Times.

In the survey released today, Valley Recys director of sustainability and sustainability programs Sarah Niederlitz said that while the region’s overall recycling rate has increased in recent years, Southern California has a very different situation.

She said that in addition to a lower rate of recycling, the region is also struggling with the impact of a high-water mark in drought.

She pointed to the drought in Southern Kern County, where more than 25% of households in the area were without power last year.

“There’s a lot of pressure on Southern Californias water supply,” Niedersaid.

“We’re in a very high water level, and the region has not been able to find enough water to supply our people.”

She added that the drought also makes it harder for people to get water from their taps, as well as more difficult for people in Southern L.A. County to afford to buy bottled water.

“It’s difficult to get the water you need from your tap and that’s just the first step,” she said.

“And so, we’ve got to have some very careful thinking about how we can sustainably get water and get it to people.”

While the region can continue to have a high level of recycling rates, Niedrsays that Southern California will have to become more sustainable if it wants to avoid a similar situation.

“This region is not only facing an environmental crisis but a health crisis,” she added.

“And that’s something we’re going to have to address in order to have long-term success in the long run.”

In addition to the Southern California region, the survey also found that Southern California had the second-highest rate of people using a personal water tank in the country.

“We have an incredibly low water use,” Niersaid.

That means that people are saving up for the water they need.

“People are using their personal water tanks, which are also quite costly,” she continued.

“People are not getting it at the pumps, which is why they’re using their water tanks.”

She also pointed out that the region needs to take steps to encourage people to use reusable water bottles.

“The reason we have a low use is because people are not filling up the tank,” she explained.

“So, if we are going to get it into our water system, we need to make it available.”

The survey also showed that the amount of waste that was recycled in Southern Californios was significantly lower than other regions in the U.S. The survey found the average recycling rate for Southern California was 7.9%, which is lower than the national average of 11.1%.

And while the recycling rate in Southern Califias own area was higher than in other regions, it was not much different from the national rate.

In fact, in Southern Nevada, recycling rates were even higher, at 20.3% recycling.

“What we’ve been seeing in Southern is that people have really taken charge of their own recycling,” Niesaid said.

“It’s not a big business, and they’re actually doing it in the same way that other regions do it.”

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