Calgary, Alberta – A new recycling program in Calgary is promising to help people recycle their iPhones, iPads and laptops without having to deal with any more paperwork.

Calgary’s iPhone recycling program was unveiled Monday, and it promises to save customers money and improve the environment.

The city has the most smartphone recycling programs in the country, and the new program is being hailed as a big step forward in terms of reducing the amount of waste being dumped on the city’s landfills.

A city spokesperson says it’s an innovative way to help cut the cost of recycling and it will make recycling more affordable for people.

“Our goal is to reduce waste in the city and reduce the cost to the community,” said Calgary’s city manager, Karen Kwan.

Kwan says the city recycles all of its products and the majority of its recycling comes from smartphone and tablet cases.

However, some people may still have to file a bulky form to reclaim their devices.

Instead, the city says the new recycling form will allow people to file in person.

With files from CBC Calgary’s Michelle Leppanen

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