— Indiana officials said Tuesday they have zero tolerance for waste that ends up on roads.

“The State of Indiana does not tolerate littering, garbage dumping, and other littering in the state’s roads,” a statement from Gov.

Mike Pence said.

“We take this issue very seriously and will not tolerate any illegal activity on our roads.

Indiana law prohibits all littering and dumping of recyclables, paper, paper products and other hazardous waste.

Illegal dumping of any hazardous waste, including but not limited to, trash, tires, plastic bottles, cans, bottles, containers, and glass bottles is a violation of the state littering laws.”

Officials said in a statement that the state will be launching a campaign this summer to educate motorists about the importance of properly disposing of the waste.

Indiana also is trying to reduce the number of traffic accidents and improve traffic flow in the wake of a snowstorm that forced the closure of Indiana’s main highway in early December.

The Indiana Department of Transportation said Tuesday that it will issue “more than 1,000 citations” to drivers who violate traffic laws in the region over the next few days.

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