In our daily lives we often recycle metals we don’t need or don’t want to reuse, but we also recycle that which is truly essential to our lives.

Here’s how to recycle those precious metals, in the best way possible.


Use recycled metal scraps and metal bins to make metal parts.

Recycling scrap metal is not only a practical and cost-effective option, but it also provides the perfect source of the metals most commonly recycled, such as bronze, brass and copper.

Recycle your scrap metal in metal bins and then recycle it in a plastic bag or glass recycling container.


Use a metal-to-glass converter for aluminum and stainless steel.

A glass-tometal converter allows you to reuse your aluminum or stainless steel with the same materials.

This is especially useful if you want to recycle a large amount of aluminum or steel that you might not want to dispose of.

You can use it to make your aluminum pipes, pipes and fittings, or to make stainless steel plumbing pipes or fittings.


Recoil metal by placing it in the fridge.

If you’re using your metal to make a new tool, like a knife or a wrench, place it in an old box or box of kitchen trash.

Recold the metal in a box to use it for another tool.

This makes it easier to reuse a piece of metal that is already used in another project.

If possible, also use the old tool to make another piece of steel, such a lathe, for use in another application.

Recollect your old steel with a new metal scraper.


Use metal cans to recycle aluminum cans.

This option allows you not only to reuse aluminum cans that are already in the trash, but also reuse the metal cans that you previously used.

For example, you can reuse a metal can that is now in the garbage can and use it as a steel can for a lathing tool, which would make the lathing of a lathed-steel joint easier and faster.

This method can also be used to reuse the old cans that were previously used to make lathing tools.


Use plastic containers for recycling plastic containers.

Plastic containers are an ideal recycling method for plastic bags, and plastic containers can be recycled by simply wrapping the plastic bag with a plastic-topped plastic tube and putting it into a recycling bin.

Recopies of plastic bags will also be more cost-efficient, and the plastic tube can also store the plastic in a recycler for later use.


Use aluminum cans as recycling bins.

If your metal cans are already sitting in your recycling bin, you’ll have no problem recycling them, too.

In this example, the aluminum cans were also sitting in the recycling bin and they will be reused in the same way.


Recuse aluminum cans from aluminum cans in a bin.

This can be useful if the cans you have in your recycle bin have been used as a container for aluminum cans, but the aluminum can is not being reused.

For instance, if your aluminum cans are sitting in a recycling container, you may reuse some of them and reuse the rest, but you won’t have to use all of the cans in the container.

In that case, you will still have to reuse them, but they will have an even greater recycling potential.


Use your metal recycler as a recycling magnet.

Use the metal recycling magnet to collect your metal scrap and then, when you’re done with your recycling, place the metal scrap into a recycler and use the metal recycling magnet to recycle it into new metal cans.


Use recyclables from other recyclers to recycle plastic bottles.

For recycling plastics that have been in the bin for too long, you might want to use plastic bottles as recycling magnets to collect plastic bottles that are still in the landfill.

If the plastic is already in a landfill, you could also use plastic bags or even the plastic containers that are stored in a waste recycling bin to recycle them into new plastic bottles, and you would not have to worry about disposing of them.


Use recycling bins to recycle recycled aluminum cans and steel.

If aluminum cans have been sitting in recycling bins for too many years, you should be able to recycle all of your cans.

For this reason, aluminum cans should be recycled at the recycling center, which is where you would first come across the cans, and then the metal is recycled to be used in other products.


Use copper cans as recycliers.

Copper cans are the most common type of recyclible metal in the world.

Because they’re relatively inexpensive, you’re often able to reuse these cans, as well as aluminum cans for a lot less money.

Copper can recycling is also a very effective way to recycle copper pipes and electrical wiring.


Use steel cans as recycleers.

If steel cans are not currently in a recycle bin, then they should be used as recycler magnets

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