The recycling industry has exploded in popularity since the Great Recession.

But as the recycling rate has surged, a growing number of households have found it difficult to afford to buy a new box of paper every year.

A new study released this week by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finds that about a quarter of Americans — 26 million Americans — say they have used a plastic bottle or plastic bag that they have discarded.

The study also found that the average American household now recycles roughly two boxes of paper each year.

Here’s what you need for recycling, and what you can do about it.

What are recycled paper products?

Refurbished plastic bottles are mostly made of petroleum-based plastics, which have been used in everything from shampoo to soap to paint.

Most are recycled after they’re sold.

But recycled paper bags can contain other types of plastic — such as polystyrene and polypropylene — and can also be used for other purposes, including paper and paperboard.

What types of paper do you need?

Most recycling facilities will accept recycled paper items for recycling — if the items are labeled for reuse.

You’ll have to fill out a request form and send it to the recycling facility.

You can also recycle a box of recycled paper, but this is much more difficult.

Recycled paper is generally labeled as “plastic paper” or “paper paper,” and some recycling facilities are able to accept paper items labeled as such.

Some facilities will also accept paper bags containing other materials, such as paper towels, paper towels and other packaging materials.

Recycling a box for paper, cardboard, or plastic items that have been in the home for years is easier, but it’s not the same as buying the item.

You have to make a request to the facility.

There is no guarantee that the items will be recycled or that they will be safe to recycle.

What if I can’t recycle my box?

There are some types of recycled materials that aren’t always recyclable.

This includes certain types of cardboard, such the “recyclable” labels on paper boxes.

You will need to contact the manufacturer of the cardboard to get the correct size for your home.

You can also get plastic from your local recycler.

Some local recyclers sell the plastic for free, while others charge a fee to use the plastic.

You may also be able to buy items that were never recycled from a recycling center or landfill.

These items can be recycled by mail or picked up at a recycling facility, and may contain items like paper, packing materials, plastic, and other recycled materials.

You don’t have to recycle all paper products that you get from a recycler to save money on paper.

The EPA says it’s important to get a full list of all paper and plastic items, so you can choose the most efficient recycling method for your household.

What about cardboard?

Recycled cardboard is a common ingredient in many items you can buy, like baby blankets, bedding, and clothes.

You may not be able, however, to reuse cardboard.

The paper that’s used to make the cardboard, called paperboard, is not recyclible.

However, there are a number of recyclables that are.

Some of these are cardboard cuttings and cardboard straws, which are also called cardboard recycling.

These materials are recycled by a number, from the recycling center, to a landfill, and to a commercial recycler for use in the manufacture of household products.

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